Ask God For A Mountain (3)

“Joshua blessed him, and gave [the mountain in] Hebron to Caleb.”  Joshua 14:13 NKJV

When Rich Stearns became engaged, his fiancée wanted to register for china. But he said to her, “As long as there are children starving in the world, we will not own china, crystal, or silver.”  Rich had remarkable gifts of leadership. He loved strategic thinking, team building, and mission achievement. Twenty years later he became the CEO of Lenox, the top producer of fine china in the country. One day he received a phone call from World Vision, asking if he would consider getting involved with them. So Rich went to Rakia, Uganda, an area considered ground zero for the AIDS pandemic. In that village he sat in a thatched hut with a thirteen-year-old boy called Richard. A pile of stones outside the door marked the place where they had buried the boy’s father who had died of AIDS. Another pile marked the place where they had buried his mother, who also died of AIDS.

Rich talked for awhile with the boy–now the head of the household trying to raise two younger brothers, and asked him at one point, “Do you have a Bible?” The boy said, “Yes,” and went into another room and brought back the one book in their house. “Are you able to read it?” Rich asked, and at that the boy’s face lit up. “I love to read the gospel of John because it says Jesus loves children,” the boy said. Deeply moved, Rich Stearns left his job, his house, and his title, and asked God for one more mountain. If you haven’t done it yet, ask God for one.


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today