Cool Thoughts For Hotheads (1)

“A hot-tempered person commits all kinds of sin.”              Proverbs 29:22 NLT

Righteous indignation is the capacity to get aroused when it matters.  When you see people mistreated and don’t feel concerned, you’re either in denial or lacking compassion.  God designed anger to move us to action.  The Bible says, “God is angry with the wicked every day” (Ps 7:11).  It  motivates His actions against man’s wickedness.  When Jesus saw His Father’s house being desecrated His anger drove Him to make a whip, over-throw the money tables, and chase out the loan sharks.  His “Passion For God’s house [consumed him]” (Jn 2:17 NLT).  He couldn’t remain passive or compromise.

The world needs people who’ll take action when the weak and vulnerable are “used and abused.”  Hot tempered, however, isn’t the fruit of godly motivation.  It’s driven by our lower nature.  Like Balaam who got angry when he was challenged by the truth, our pride gets hurt (See Num 22:29).  Or like Cain who was jealous because his brother’s gift was accepted and his wasn’t, we get resentful when someone else seems blessed more than us (See Gen 4:3-7).  Like Haman who was enraged that Mordecai wouldn’t bow before him, we selfishly desire to have our way (See Es 3:1-6).  Like King Saul who was envious over David’s popularity, we get jealous when someone else has accomplished more than us (See 1Sam 18:8).  Like King Ahab who was confronted with the truth he’d rather not hear, we refuse to face our sinful ways and failures (See 1Kin 22:15-27).  The Bible cautions us, “If you are angry, be sure it is not a sinful anger…don’t give the devil that sort of foothold” (Eph 4:26-27 PHPS).


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today