Fight For Your Marriage (5)

“Many waters cannot quench love.”          Song of Solomon 8:7 NIV

You quickly discover that the greatest threat to marriage is–selfishness!  A mother was trying to explain to her little son the benefits of unselfishness.  She concluded her talk by saying, “We’re in this world to help others.”  After due consideration that boy asked, “Well then, what are others here for?”

When two people put their own individual needs and wants first, they’re on a collision course.  Let’s look at some examples of selfishness in marriage: (1) In-laws.  It’s a sign selfishness and immaturity when you constantly harp about what your parents said, and how they did things.  It’s unfair to your spouse, and it’ll hurt your relationship. (2) Pornography.  The Psalmist wrote, “I refuse…to look at corrupting people and degrading things” (Psalm 101:3 TM).  Pornography is as addictive a heroin, and untold numbers of marriages are shipwrecked by it.  Not only does it leave you feeling ashamed, it can devastate your partner’s self-worth. (3) Disagreements.  Don’t be like the woman who told her friend, “We’ve been married for twenty years and never quarreled once.  If a difference of opinion arises and I’m right, my husband gives in.”  Her friend asked, “And what if he’s right?”  Without hesitating she replied, “That has never happened!”  (4) Prayerlessness.  Ninety percent of Christian couples don’t read the Bible or pray together.  Do you?  If Christ is the most important thing in your lives, He should be the thing you most enjoy sharing.  When passion and physical beauty fade, your shared love for Christ will sustain you through the storms of life.  So fight for your marriage.


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today