The Spirit of Caleb

“My servant Caleb has a different spirit.”    Numbers 14:24 NIV If Caleb was alive today there’s a good chance he’d qualify for “Person of the Year,” someone who has done the most to influence circumstances for the better. Here’s … Continued

Stop Striving!

“He decides who will rise and who will fall.”     Psalm 75:7 NLT If you don’t find your significance and self-worth in your relationship with God, you’ll be tempted to spend your life trying to promote yourself. And that will … Continued

Be Ready. Be Wise. Be Clear.

“Philip began at his place in the Scriptures and explained the good news about Jesus.”     Acts 8:35 CEV In Acts chapter eight we read the story of a high-profile leader who was won to Christ. This man held a … Continued

Set Your Mind (3)

“The mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”     Romans 8:6 NIV Once you give in to “stinking thinking,” your mood dips, you lose energy, God seems distant, prayer seems pointless, sin looks tempting, and your outlook in … Continued

Set Your Mind (2)

“Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”     Romans 12:2 NLT If a skunk gets into the crawl space under your house, opening the windows and using air freshener won’t solve your problem! … Continued