Instrument Rated (2)

“The precepts of the Lord are right…giving light to the eyes.”      Psalm 19:8 NIV

In their effort to steer around one storm, many pilots end up in another that’s even worse.  But the instrument-rated pilot can fly without fear.  But in order to do this he must have many hours of training in simulated storm conditions.  Trouble, to him, is normal.  He has gone through it many times and knows what to do in an emergency.  He knows how to use his radio and receive help from the radar centers.  He knows how to stay on the radio beams that are crisscrossing the skies for his safety.  The mountain that suddenly looms before him first shows up on the controller’s radar scope, so the controller can guide the straying plane around it.  Actually, if a pilot is not instrument rated, it’s illegal for him to be in a storm.  Why?  Because if he hasn’t taken the time, or felt it important to do his homework and be prepared–the billions of dollars’ worth of navigation equipment is no use to him.

How do you prepare for the storms of life?  By spending time in God’s Word.  In-depth knowledge of your Bible is necessary if you’re to be “certified” to navigate life’s storms.  If you wait until trouble comes to find a Scripture to help you, you have waited too long.  One Bible teacher says, “If your mouth will feed your heart faith when you don’t need it, your heart will feed your mouth faith when you do.”


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today