Love Your Pastor

“He…gave some to be…pastors.”             Ephesians 4:11 NIV

Pastors have a tough job.  They get more kicks than kisses.  If a pastor is young he lacks experience; if he’s gray-haired he’s too old.  If he has five kids he has too many; if he has none he’s setting a bad example.  If his wife sings in the choir she’s being forward; it not, she’s not dedicated enough.  If he preaches from notes he’s dry; if he’s extemporaneous, he’s too shallow.  If he spends too much time in his study he’s neglecting his people; if he makes home visits he’s not a good time manager.  If he’s attentive to the poor he’s grandstanding; if he attends to the wealthy he’s ingratiating.  If he suggest improvements he’s a dictator; if he doesn’t he has no vision.  If he uses too many illustrations he neglects the Bible; if he doesn’t use enough stories, he’s unclear.  If he speaks against wrong he’s legalistic; if he doesn’t he’s a compromiser.

If he preaches for an hour he’s windy; less than that, he has nothing to say.  If he preaches the truth he’s offensive; if he doesn’t he’s wishy-washy.  If he fails to please everybody he’s hurting the church; if he tries to please everybody he has no convictions.  If he preaches tithing he’s a money-grabber; if not, he’s failing to develop his people.  If he receives a large salary, he’s mercenary, if he doesn’t it proves he’s not worth much.  If he preaches on a regular basis, people get tired of hearing the same person.  If he invites guest preachers he’s shirking his responsibility.  Wow!  And you thought your pastor had an easy life!  How’d you like to change places?  Bottom line: love your pastor.


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today