Hope for Healing


Purpose: The Hope for Healing Ministry was created in 1998 to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and education to the members of Reedy Fork Baptist Church and the surrounding communities in order to decrease the further spread of HIV and AIDS. Ministry members become an agent of change by communicating information that prevents the further spread of HIV/AIDS and provides a voice for the otherwise voiceless – those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.


Meeting Dates/Time/Place: Meetings are held as needed when special events are being planned.


Tomika Rogers





Ministry Leader’s Name: Sis. Tomika S. Rogers
E-mail Address: hopefor.healing@reedyforkbaptistchurch.org



Special Events of the Ministry: 

  • World AIDS Day – Celebrated worldwide annually on December 1st. Acknowledged at RFBC 1st Sunday in December.


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