The Bible Is–God Speaking To You (4)

“You received this message…And this word continues to work in you who believe.”    1 Thessalonians 2:13 NLT

In the Bible you will find a solution for just about every problem you face in life.  How often have you gone for help to a pastor or counselor or friend, only to have them direct you back to the Scriptures?  When you get sick enough, you won’t ague with the doctor, you’ll just take the medicine!  Paul writes, “When you receive his message from us, you didn’t think of our words as mere human ideas.  You accepted what we said as the very word of God–which, of course, it is.  And this word continues to work in you who believe.”

God’s Word works–when you work it!  But it only “continues to work in you who believe.”  So don’t read it and then go out and say something different, get into agreement with God.  Let His Word on the issue be your word on it too!  The Amplified Bible say, “The Word of God, which is effectually at work in you who believe [exercising its superhuman power in those who adhere to and trust in and rely on it]” (v. 13 AMP).  One day an atheist said to a believer that it was quite impossible to believe in any book whose author was unknown.  The believer asked him if the compiler of the multiplication table was known.  “No,” he answered.  “Then, of course, you don’t accept it?” the believer asked.  The skeptic replied, “Oh, yes, I believe in it because it works well.”  The believer replied, “So does the Bible.”  The greatest investment you can make in yourself is reading your Bible.


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today