The Teacher (1)

“The Holy Spirit…will teach you all things.”             John 14:26 NKJV

Jesus said the Holy Spirit is the greatest Teacher of all.  Here’s why: (1) Because He will interact with you.  When you are interested enough to ask questions, the learning process has really begun.  Your questions don’t bother God if they come from a hungry heart.  Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find” (Mt 7:7).  It’s okay to be inquisitive.  God doesn’t want you to be passive and just accept everything that comes into your life.  He wants you to question Him so that you can find clarity and direction.  (2)  Because He wants to teach you how to live.  That means showing up every day for class, and not just every once in a while.  It means listening intently, taking notes, and doing the reading assignments you’re given.  It means trusting that the Teacher knows what He’s talking about, and that the knowledge you’re receiving will equip you to go out and succeed in life.

You may not see much value in what a teacher is telling you right now, or think it relates to you personally.  Perhaps you’re only interested in passing the test, graduating, and getting out of school.  No, passing tests only proves you’ve a good memory, not that you’ve really learned!  A good teacher’s goal is to create in you: (a) a hunger for knowledge; (b) an ability to seek out and understand things when he or she is no longer around; (c) a willingness to put what you’ve learned into practice.  You say, “How can I know I’m truly learning?”  John answers, “Continue to live in Christ, as [he] taught you” (1Jn 2:27 NCV).


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today