You’re Named In God’s Will (2)

“The word…which can…give you an inheritance.”            Acts 20:32 NIV

Someone’s last will and testament lets you know what you have inherited.  In the Old Testament the benefits were rich, but the conditions proved too restrictive.  So God gave us a New Testament.  But instead of laws that are virtually impossible to keep, this “testament” is based on grace; favor you don’t deserve, can’t earn, and don’t have to work for because it’s given freely.  And when you discover you are personally named in this “testament,” reading the Bible becomes a real source of joy.  You start asking, “What’s in God’s will for me?  What’s my rightful inheritance?”

You realize your salvation, as glorious as it is, is just the starting point.  Suddenly the idea of searching the Scriptures, standing on the Scriptures, and speaking the Scriptures in every situation no longer feels like a duty, but a delight.  When you pray according to Scripture, it’s like going to the bank of heaven and saying, “This check is made out to me.  It’s issued and endorsed by Christ, and I’d like to cash it.”  You have two options: You can live a Christian life and die without ever having accessed your account because you never discovered your inheritance and the benefits of God’s will for you.  Or you can pray: “Father, Christ’s last will and testament names me personally.  It says that all my needs will be met, my steps will be directed, my sicknesses will be healed, and that I don’t have to fear Satan because You gave me power over him” (See Luke 10:19).  Now can you see why Satan doesn’t want you reading your Bible?


This message taken from: Daily Devotional – The Word For You Today