Don’t Live An Unexamined Life

“Search me, O God, and know my heart.”          Psalm 139:23

When you live an unexamined life–it shows!  Author Gordon MacDonald writes: “I was reading authors who were saying that if Christ’s followers don’t grow, it’s because they don’t make a habit of evaluating their lives.  These authors were describing me.  I was always on the go, never looking deeply inside.  I never did the kind of reflection that leads to growth, and I was paying the price–committing the same stupid sins over and over, living with the same heavy load of guilt.  So I made a difficult decision; I decided that each day I would try to honestly assess my soul’s condition.  I would look inside myself and write down what I saw.

Feeling awkward and embarrassed, I started to write. ‘God here are some areas of failure in my life.  They aren’t going away, so I might as well take a look at them.’  Or, ‘Here’s a relationship or habit I’m concerned about.  It’s not good and I don’t know how to improve it.’  After writing a paragraph or two I would reflect on what I had written.”  There are benefits to keeping a spiritual diary of your walk with God that you can’t get any other way: (1) It forces you to slow down and examine the effectiveness of what you’re doing.  (2) It frees you to ask, “Why am I doing this?  How do I really feel about it?  What is God saying to me?”  (3) By writing even a page a day, in one year you will have a 365-day record of prayers answered and lessons learned!


This message taken from: Daily Devotional-The Word For You Today